Checklist for writing Meeting Minutes

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The PDF version of this checklist prepared by Climáximo is available here. If you download it, pay attention to the version number as we might update the files later.

Before the meeting

⎕ I know the topics and agenda of the meeting.

⎕ I know how detailed the meeting minutes are expected to be: just the decisions and information, or all the discussions? (In the latter case, it may be better to have more than one person taking notes.)

⎕ I know if there is any validation process: if the notes are to be sent to approval or modifications.

⎕ I am aware of the deadline to send the minutes.

⎕ I know where to send the minutes to.

During the meeting

⎕ I took note of the attendance list (if considered necessary).

⎕ I structure the notes as topics and subtopics.

⎕ I interrupt the discussion if it is too quick for me to take notes.

⎕ For the cases in which the reader is supposed to act, I use ACT (bold and in capitals) followed by the description of the necessary action.

Example: “ACT: Everyone fill in the form [link] until next Monday.”

⎕ For specific tasks, I write the name of the responsible person in bold.

Example: “On Tuesday we will have an action training. Ernesto will prepare the content.”

After the meeting

⎕ I formatted and organized the notes so that a person who was not in the meeting can understand the summary.

⎕ At the very beginning of the minutes I created a section, KEY, where I compiled the to-do lists by person.



Vladimir: write press release proposal

Rosa: prepare speech for Wednesday action, prints pamphlets

Ernesto: prepare action training, schedule attendance for the clinic


⎕ I sent the meeting minutes, or started the validation process.

⎕ If there is a validation process: I updated the document and sent the final version.