Nesta página podes encontrar outros colectivos de formadores em Portugal e no mundo.


em construção 🙂

A PrivacyLx é uma associação sem fins lucrativos focada na defesa da privacidade e segurança digital como direitos fundamentais para uma sociedade livre.

Foca-se na educação, investigação e desenvolvimento de ferramentas para a sua proteção. Tem organizado diversos eventos para o público em geral e alguns mais dirigidos a grupos cuja segurança digital está mais ameaçada.


Skills for Action, Germany

For successful actions – not only but especially for actions of civil disobedience – we need good preparation.  Learning from past experiences can be helpful and action techniques can also be learned! Action training workshops are a space where both can happen. In such workshops, participants can exchange experiences from past actions and practice blockade and other action techniques as well as quick collective decision-making in stressful situations.

NB. Skills for Action also has an enormous library of original resources for actions and action trainings, here.

Ulex Project, Catalunya, Spain

• high-quality trainings building social movement capacity for social justice and ecological integrity
• a residential training centre serving the needs of social movements for the long haul
• collaboration and innovation enabling the responsive development of social movement training in Europe
• a hub strengthening connections for pan-European solidarity and social movement resilience

Seeds for Change, UK

Seeds for Change exists to support groups who are trying to do just that, and who share our core values of equality, freedom and solidarity – for human beings, other animals and the ecosystems we are part of.

We are a workers’ co-op of experienced campaigners and co-operators. We offer training, facilitation, online resources and other support for campaigns, community groups and co-operatives.

KoKo, Germany

Our Communication-Collective is made up of a handful of young and experienced trainers. We have all been active in grassroots groups and social movements for years. This has sparked our interest in group process and group dynamics, so that we worked on topics such as how to overcome hidden hierarchies and how to deal with obstacles in communication and consensus decision making.

We want to support people and groups that are implementing their vision in an equal and self-organised manner. That’s why we would like to introduce tools and open the space that allow participants to come closer to their aims.

We offer workshops, facilitation and support for the topics of communication, group development, (consensus) decision making, campaign and project planning, as well as action trainings.

Momentum Community, USA

Momentum is a training institute and movement incubator. We give progressive organizers the tools and frameworks to build massive, decentralized social movements.

By combining and systematizing best practices from past movements, critical movement theory, and applicable skills, we encourage organizers to dream about big change, and give them the tools to make it happen.

Navigate, UK

Navigate is a team of experienced facilitators and trainers. We facilitate meetings, run workshops and mediate conflicts for groups and organisations working towards social and environmental justice across the UK. Our team can help you to work better together, explore power dynamics, and find a way through challenges and disagreements. We can support you to cultivate sustainable working practices, make stronger collaborative decisions, design your strategy and develop your group’s processes. Trainings, USA

  • Training/Workshop Activities
  • Meeting Facilitation Tools
  • Strategy + Organizing

Spina, Poland

We are an informal collective of trainers. We support grass-root groups in the struggle for sustainable, long-lasting, radical change. We facilitate workshops on:

– consensus
– group processes
– non-hierarchical structures
– conflict resolution
– activist burnout
– emotional support
– trauma support
– sustainable activism

New Economy Organisers Network – NEON, United Kingdom

NEON offers hands-on support and training for campaigners, organisers, communications and operations teams working across social movements. They also have tools and resources that help build stronger movements primed to win, such as frameworks, guides, toolkits and coaching opportunities in areas ranging from messaging and framing to operations.