Our trainings are designed for organizations and have a requirement of minimum number of participants.

We don’t have the capacities to set up the logistics, so we ask the requesting organization to take care of the venue, registrations and the physical conditions for the training.

Our trainings are free of charge. We may ask you to cover our costs related to the training (travel, food, materials, etc.)

More operationally:

1) A group sends us an email with a request of a training.

2) We evaluate internally if we have available trainers and we ask for a 30-minute meeting with the group to adjust expectations and the format.

3) We then evaluate internally if the request is compatible with our values and if we have capacity to offer the training at the requested time-frame.

4) The group takes care of the logistics of the training.

Simple, isn’t it? Contact us at fermento-pt [-at-] riseup [ponto] net .