Checklist for sending Press Releases

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The PDF version of this manual, prepared by Climáximo, is available here. If you download it, pay attention to the version number as we might update the files later.

This checklist is about how to send a Press Release, a much simpler task than writing one.


⎕ I have the final version of the text. / I know where to find the final version of the text.

⎕ I have the list of emails (of media and journalists, and/or other organizations).

⎕ I know from which email account to send (and I have access to it): This is important, because some actions involve creation of a separate email account. This can be a false account (to avoid relating individuals to the action) or a common account (as in the case of a protest organized by many groups).

⎕ If photo/video will be attached, I have the contact of the person who will send them to me.

⎕ I know at what time to send:

⎕ immediately after an action (e.g. in mass mobilizations)

⎕ during an action (e.g. strikes)

⎕ at the beginning of an action (e.g. blockades, direct actions)

⎕ early in the morning (e.g. declarations, report releases)


⎕ The title of the email is “PRESS RELEASE: [title]”

⎕ I formatted the text carefully. It should look like this:




[One-paragraph Summary]


[signed collective/organization]


[Name of contact person: Phone number of contact person]

More information:

[Sources and links, if any]

⎕ The email has the logo and website of the organization sending it.

⎕ Email has contact person information.

⎕ I am sending always BCC.*

⎕ I am sending in smaller groups of 20 contacts instead of one massive email: This is because large amount of recipients may cause the email to be marked spam. For instance, Riseup servers do not allow for such use.

⎕ At each re-send, I pay attention to any formatting errors.


⎕ I prepared an image to accompany online publications.

⎕ I published the Press Release on our own website: Sometimes it is better to wait for 1-2 hours before doing this, to see if media covers the story in their own words.

⎕ I deleted the contact person information in public posts.

⎕ The contact person is ready to receive phone calls.

⎕ I follow the news website carefully for 3-5 hours.

⎕ I share all news coverage on social media.

⎕ Also, I share the full text of the Press Release on all social media accounts that the organization has.

⎕ I deleted the contact person information in public posts.

⎕ I check email and other social media accounts for if any journalist tries to contact us.

⎕ I updated the contact list, deleting the email addresses that bounce back.